Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices

Since the insides of this device are made from precious metals it is possible to take the unit to a recycling center that handles metal and get some decent catalytic converter scrap prices. Each one of these units can sometimes bring in around 40 to 50 dollars. When it is no longer useful, this is a pretty good deal, plus it’s much better for the environment than throwing it into the landfill. It also saves the environment since these metals do not have to be harvested but can be recycled instead. So there are several benefits to shopping around and finding the best prices for scrap catalytic converter in your area.


Today,there are more than 4000 car catalytic converter models on the market and to determinate the exact price  can be very difficult job. During the past 13 years we have developed a unique grading system to categorize the catalytic converters in several different price categories  – Genuine  Catalytic Converters (ceramic type),Genuine  Catalytic Converters (metal type) and Aftermarkets. The genuine  Ceramic Catalytic Converters price category has few subcategories – Aftermarket, Pre cats, Stainless full, 

Half  low grade, Small,Low, Regular standard, Full,GM, Medium, Medium large, Medium large+ , Large, Exotic, Exotic super and Top cat. You have to send us pictures of your scrap cats or give us the part number in order to give you the best price. Also,the price that we can offer is for full Catalytic Converters, if the half of the honycomb inside is missing,we will pay the half price.




The first thing you will want to do to find the best cat scrap prices available to you is to conduct an online search to find the various recycling centers that are located nearby. You may have to check with each one to see if they will even take the pieces or not, as some of them may not even deal with these types of recyclable items. If they do take them to recycle then you will look to see what the going rate per unit is. They should have a listing on their site that gives you the range of possible amounts from lowest to greatest. That will give you a ballpark figure of what types of prices you may be able to get.


 Catalytic converters…


  • Are selling for incredible prices if you know how to sell scrap metal on eBay.
  • have been on nearly every car produced since the late 1970′s. 
  • make every car cost $500 more out of pocket.
  • contain PlatinumPalladium, and Rhodium as catalysts for their reactions.
  • Because Catalytic Converters need to be hot, they let the most pollution out durring the first five minutes before the car warms up.
  • are often stolen, especially out of cars that leave them accessible by design.
  • can fetch between $5 and $200 at your local scrap yard.
Catalytic convertors are a hot commodity, especially lately, as the value of precious metals has sky-rocketed. I found this chart of prices that was released from a catcon scrapping company from texas in March 2010. Precious metals have increased even more since then, so these prices may have increased. A quick overview would show that GM catcons are worth more in general, so that’s something to keep in mind. At the yard nearest me, if they can’t figure out the exact type of convertor, they still pay something like $10-$20.



You may also want to check out different mechanics or salvage yards in your area. They may be able to give you a little on each unit. Usually your best bet is going to be to find a good metal yard in the area. They will most likely have the best offer. You will want to check into all of these to find the best deal possible.


– Anyone ever sold their old cat for scrap? I just removed the 23 year old one from my car. It’s rusted completely into the muffler and the cross over, I may or may not be able to seperate the pieces, but nonetheless, a friend told me people buy old cats to salvage the rare metals that are inside of them. 


– Sold a 944 cat (huge SOB) for I think it was around $55 once.

– $50-$75 for the honeycomb type, if the element intact



There are three precious metals inside the catalyst that makes them so valuable. Platinum, rhodium and palladium are all components that make up the interior of the unit.  It is a very expensive undertaking to harvest these metals in their raw state. This is why you can get such good deals by recycling the unit. It is cheaper as well as less time consuming to recycle the metals from a unit than to have to go through the entire process of getting more. This is why you will find some pretty good catalytic converter scrap prices available.