Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost

The actual catalytic converter replacement cost for any particular vehicle will depend in large on the engine type and the type of unit that the manufacturer suggests for the vehicle. The catalyst has been a part of the vehicle’s exhaust system since around 1950, but it has only been required since legislation was passed in 1976.The purpose of a unit like this is to help keep the emissions that come from the engine during the combustion process from harming the environment and causing damage to human life. When there is any kind of trouble with the catalyst it is important to repair or replace the unit as soon as possible before any poisonous gases escape into the environment.


Exhaust system replacements can be costly for automobile owners. The types of parts that are available could raise or lower the replacement cost. The company is a seller of preowned parts and accessories for vehicles online. A new promotion by this company has resulted in catalytic converter replacement prices being reduced. These discounts are now applied to units for placement onto American or import vehicles. These complete systems can be purchased through the company ordering system and current prices can be found online at


EPA guidelines require automakers to meet minimums set forth for the reduction of pollution. The development of the catalytic converter has helped the auto industry to meet the guidelines required. Because the converter system remains an integral parts of automotive production, these parts are generally created by automakers or outsourced to other companies.


The type of converter needed for a vehicle replacement could complicate the research process for vehicle owners. Not all auto parts stores in local areas stock all units for vehicles. The addition and price reduction of the units now for sale at the Auto Pros company is expected to provide better resources for buyers in all parts of the country.




Some of the replacement cost will depend on the type of unit that is used by the vehicle. Most come in either a two way or three way model. The replacement cost for a two way unit will cost anywhere from $150 up to $500. The two way will fit about any vehicle but can also be custom designed on some vehicles. The three way catalytic converter replacement will be over $500 no matter what model the car takes.


What’s the average cost to replace a Catalytic Converter?


If you’re in California and you’re under 80k miles/8 years your cat will be covered under warranty.

If not, a non-California cat costs about $200-$400 and should only take 1-2 hours to replace.

I think when my Civic one went out “under warranty” the invoice said $800 total.



It is pretty easy to determine when a unit needs to be replaced. Usually it is because of one of two things. One the engine may over heat which will damage the device; and the other reason to have to have one replaced is because something struck the undercarriage of the car and caused extensive external damage to the unit. The driver will most likely notice it when there is a significant difference in the amount of gas the vehicle starts using. Another clear indication that the unit is clogged or damaged in some way is that the vehicle will not accelerate properly even if the accelerator is pressed all the way down to the floor.


Contributions to Costs


Converter replacement costs are also controlled by warranties. The Federal Emissions Warranty, for instance, makes it less expensive to purchase a converter if the car has not yet reached 80,000 miles or eight years. Other contributions to costs include individual state taxes and varying labor costs. As a general rule, the older or more rare a model, the more expensive any replacement will cost and that includes catalytic converters.




Maintenance refers to the costs of keeping a catalytic converter operating correctly and avoiding replacement costs entirely. Catalytic converters rarely malfunction themselves. Usually common maintenance of spark plugs and other basic components will also ensure that the converter stays efficient. Many converters, however, are a prime target for theft, so owners may want to invest in a lock that helps prevent the component from being stolen.



One of the major manufacturers of these types of devices is Magnaflow. They make a wide range of these types of products that are compatible with most vehicle’s exhaust systems. They are designed to fit just like the one which came on the car when it was first released from the manufacturer. Most of the time their orders also have free shipping included. They have some of the cheapest prices that can be found which will help with the overall catalytic converter replacement cost.