Catalytic Converter FAQ: How To Protect 3 Inch Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are mandatory in some states which means, when caught, you will be required to pay expensive charges. Catalytic converters are important because they reduce harmful emissions from your exhaust systems. You know how rampant air pollution is today. Wouldn’t it be nice to help in your own ways? […]

Catalytic Converter FAQ: How A Front Catalytic Converter Works?

We live in a modern world – tall building, high ways and lots of vehicles. Vehicles such as buses, trucks and cars lets you get into places as fast as possible but their engine pollution spoils the place where we live. Vehicle engines runs on a gasoline or diesel which […]

Dec Catalytic Converter Overview

Though a catalytic converter is somewhat a costly investment, many car owners are installing it anyway because of its contribution to the environment. A good brand to go for is a DEC catalytic converter. Most catalytic converters may vary in designs and prices but all are designed to serve the […]

Cost To Replace Catalytic Converter

For car owners, car maintenance is the most expensive part of having a car. You need to have your car checked once in a while and pay for some hefty repair costs for possible car damage before it can get worst and give you so much discomfort. Car maintenance cost […]

Finding Cheap Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter become the mandatory option for modern cars. Its mission – to oxidize harmful substances contained in exhaust gases which is good for our environment. But, unfortunately, the catalytic converter has sufficiently fragile structure plus it is pretty expensive part of your exhaust system.   Why catalyst is expensive? Production of catalytic […]

Simple Catalytic Converter Problems Symptoms

The main purpose of the catalytic converter is the neutralization of harmful combustion products into the atmosphere. Cat is the part of the exhaust system of a car and you can easily find it there. We already talked a lot about clogged catalytic converter symptoms before. Today we will look close to […]

How To Rebuild Catalytic Converter

Many people when it comes to broken cat first  thinking about fixing it. We saw a lot of question all over the Internet similar to this: “My catalytic converter rattles and I was told that there is a honeycomb ball in the converter and that it has broken. I want to know […]

Catalytic Converter FAQ: How Catalytic Converter Works

More than a billion cars on the planet on the road fight now and each is a source of environmental pollution. In large cities, car emissions pose a big problem. To solve these problems many countries all over the world endorse a laws which limit the amount of harmful emissions that can produced by […]

Catalytic Converter Problems: Cleaning

There are many people out there who ask questions like “Can you clean catalytic converter when it is clogged?” The reason for this is obvious – the cost of cat, no one wants to spend their own hard earned money straight away. First we want to try different, more cheaper […]